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WIMS - Warehousing and Inventory Management System

WIMS is a warehousing and inventory management system meant for managing finished goods inventory with 3rd party or company owned warehouses, depots, distribution centers or consignors. It's a fully web-based software developed using ASP.NET 2008 as front-end and SQL Server 2005 as RDBMS.

WIMS is fully integrated with SAP via batch interfaces and efforts are on for integration with other standard ERP systems. The software provides support for functions related to Stock Transfer, Customer Order Servicing, Picking Lists, Inventory Management, Reorder Level Planning, Physical Stock Reconciliation etc. WIMS provides integration with Bar Codes, Weigh bridges, and Automated Picking etc.


Barcode technology is the best-known and most widely used method of Automatic Identification. Automatic identification or "Auto ID" encompasses the automatic recognition and recording of data, most commonly through the printing and reading of information encoded in barcodes eliminating risk of human error.

Early applications of bar code scanning, which included retail point-of-sale, item tracking and inventory control, have been expanded to include more advanced applications such as time and attendance, work-in-process, quality control, sorting, order entry, document tracking, shipping and receiving, and controlling access to secure areas.

Barcodes have been instrumental in revolutionizing, and significantly increasing efficiency and productivity across the entire Logistics & supply chain from manufacturers to distributors to retailers worldwide.

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